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Caitlin and Jeff

What a gorgeous late-afternoon/evening (The best time for a portrait session by the way - that is, unless you wake up at 6AM) spent with Caitlin and Jeff wandering around the Upper West Side of NYC.  It was a special occassion for sure - Jeff had just shaved off his beard (a thick, man-envy inspiring thing), and it was nearly the anniversary of their becoming engaged.  That, and this day would also include Owen (their wonderful pooch) in the documentary spree.  


In addition to an absolutely pleasant stroll through Riverside Park, we trekked up to the rooftop of their building for some incredible views together.  I thank them for being so open and adventurous and for that, I think we made some really great photos together.  I'm super excited about their upcoming wedding at Bridgewaters. Going to be a hoot!  You can see more photos here.