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Amanda and Joey

Amanda and Joey with the help of the talented people at Styled Creative and Peche, created a gorgeous October wedding in Philadelphia.  Jacqueline and I started out with preparation photos at Amanda's parents' house tucked away in the beautiful green hills of West Chester, PA.  After photographing the preparation we headed to the church for the ceremony, then returned to her parents for portraits. We walked a short distance from the house into a nearby field that provided us with a fabulous backdrop, not to mention a set of train tracks and a beautiful rustic wood fence to work with.  We had a ton of fun making portraits and it was really tough to pulll ourselves away to head to the reception at Peche.


When I was first talking with Amanda and Joey, their vision for the day was to blend the rustic with the contemporary.  Amanda said,  "Our look and feel is very high/low...casual but elegant...very much like ourselves.  We like unpretentious style. Joey works as a carpenter and I work in fashion."   The overall design combined elegant purples and silver with the industrial feel of Peche.  They opted to have the room professionally lit, adding extra dimension and ambiance to the space. You can view an extended gallery of images here



Event designer/planner: Beka Rendell, Styled Creative
Venue: Peche Sherman Mills, Philadelphia
Catering: Peach Tree Catering
Band: Soulpatch
Flowers: Evantine
Wedding Cake: Bakers of Buffington's
Videographer: Friend of the Bride