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Carly and Jason's Coney Island Adventures

Carly and Jason are two of my most colorful, unique, and exuberant friends. Carly, a performance/video artist and photographer, and Jason also an artist (and product designer at Etsy), are the kind of people who burst with genuine creative energy. What's more? Their collective laughter and joyful spirits are unbridled and contagious. As both a photographer and friend, I couldn't have asked for much more from these two.


We spent a sunny afternoon together at Coney Island to photograph their engagement. The late summer light and colorful carnival backdrop were the perfect additions to reflect the love and warmth of this happy couple. I also got to try out photographing from a Ferris Wheel for the first time! Such a fun afternoon frolicking around the area. 

Stay tuned for images from their equally colorful and creative Brooklyn wedding at Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO Loft. For now, here's a preview on Facebook.