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Sarah and Ryan

Lindsay and Jacqueline spent an afternoon with our studio manager, Sarah, and her husband Ryan to make portraits in their new home in Sonoma, California. 


The dry, grassy hills and oak tree forest made this the perfect spot for glowy, dreamy photos. What fun to be amongst friends in such an beautiful, relaxed environment. We love California! 


From Sarah, "Ryan and I come to this park in Sonoma at least two or three times every week. It's become our favorite spot to run or hike and to take in the beauty of the Sonoma Valley. The trees, hills, and light feel quintessentially Californian. When the wind blows you can even smell the musky Eucalyptus trees nearby; it's the best. We had such blast sharing this spot with Jackie and Lindsay and seeing how much they enjoyed this corner of California."



Last but not least, Sarah and Ryan at home with their beloved 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon, Millie. 


Happy 5th Anniversary, Sarah and Ryan! 


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