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Drawn to compelling stories, Edward Winter has cultivated an unobtrusive and dynamic approach to portraiture and narrative. His love of wedding documentary has shown him all manner of life and beauty across the United States and abroad, while drawing on his varied experiences as gallery curator, ranch-hand, and teacher. Edward’s keen awareness of environment, personality, and exquisite light continually inspire his work. He believes that a genuine sense of curiosity and a quick sense of humor are smart virtues for a positive life.

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Eve + Paul

These are AMAZING. It was so wonderful to see your email in my inbox, and even more wonderful to start going through these pictures - they ABSOLUTELY capture the emotions and the events of the day, so I feel like I'm reliving the wedding all over again. Your work is so stunning - thank you, thank you for capturing the day for us.

— Eve + Paul
Allie + Ben

Thank you so much, you guys did an incredible job. We love them! There are so many great shots of our friends and family at the reception. That was a wonderful surprise.

— Allie + Ben
Liz + Sean

Dude these are so sick! Sean and I just flipped through them, and WOW! jeez these are killer. Thank you so much!!

— Liz + Sean
Nicole + Dave

I can’t tell you how excited we are to see these!! They’re gorgeous and in-the-moment, which is exactly what I was looking for. We look ecstatic in just about every image.

— Nicole + Dave
Jess + Dan

OMG!!!!!! The pictures are AMAZING!!!! We have only gotten halfway through are already so unbelievably thrilled. Dan and I stayed up waaaaay too late looking at and talking about each and every one until Dan couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. It was so wonderful to relive such an incredible day through what you captured and I CANNOT WAIT to finish looking at them. Thank you so so very much!

— Jess + Dan

Edward's Journal

October 6

Hila + Noah

I met Hila and Noah in Boston last winter and was thrilled to learn about their wedding at t…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 30

Erica + Michael…

Check Erica + Michael’s new print feature in The Knot, NY. Erica’s Austin Scarlett…

Posted by Edward Winter

June 3

Emily + Eric

Emily + Eric’s wedding at The Foundry was straight out of a storybook! Black tie elega…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 28

Amanda + Charli…

Congratulations Amanda & Charlie!  Is anyone else now completely convinced that they wa…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 24

Kristina + Tim

Hello Kristina and Tim!  We’re just loving the chemistry with these two and the summe…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 6

Chelsea + John

Today we are sharing a sneak peak of a Chelsea and John’s recent wedding at former Gug…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 1

Hello Newport!

Meghan and James!  When I met these folks at Grape and Grain in East Village and I knew rig…

Posted by Edward Winter

February 18

Erica + Shane

February in Palm Beach?  Yes Please!  So…, full disclosure: Erica and Shane are some…

Posted by Edward Winter

December 16

Mena + Bobby

Mena + Robert’s wedding is featured in Baltimore Bride Magazine, PRINT!  Photos from the…

Posted by Edward Winter

November 11

Kristen + Chris…

Small world! We met Kristen and Chris last year at Wedding Crashers and as fate would have …

Posted by Edward Winter

October 15

Emily + Peter

Emily and Peter glowing with joy at Woodend Sanctuary & Mansion in Maryland. Hair and m…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 22

Alicia + Jesse

B K L Y N ! ! !  I think I could photograph these two every day and never get tired of thei…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 17

Jenny + Kent

Hello again Cape Cod!  We were in love with the golden light and inspiring landscape at Nau…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 10

Melissa + Micha…

These are the sweetest & funniest people on the planet.  Seriously. And when they perfo…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 4

Lauren + Steve

Lauren and Steve’s wedding at The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn was just amazing &…

Posted by Edward Winter

August 27

Liz + Andrew

Pass the Bottle! We’re keeping the weekend hype going, and posting a few from Liz and …

Posted by Edward Winter

August 20

Georgianna + Ha…

British invasion!  Today we’re sharing a sneak peek from Georgianna and Harry’…

Posted by Edward Winter

June 18

Anastasia + Gar…

Hello Cape Cod!  We’re so thrilled to see Anastasia and Garth’s colorful seaside weddi…

Posted by Edward Winter

June 17

Anna + Ethan

Anna and Ethan looking truly radiant at their wedding at The Roundhouse in Beacon, NY.  Pl…

Posted by Edward Winter

June 11

Yifan + Howie

With rain forecast for the entire day, these rays of sunshine for Yifan and Howie’s w…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 25

Yifan + Howie

Such a fun afternoon spent with Yifan and Howie–you just can’t go wrong with row…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 20

Williamsburg wi…

Howdy neighbor! I had a blast making these portraits with fellow Brooklynites Liz and Sean. …

Posted by Edward Winter

March 19

Austin Wyne of …

Future cousin-in-law?  Austin came by our studio in Greenpoint today for a few test shots w…

Posted by Edward Winter

March 8

Guadelupe with …

Wanna hike up a volcano? After a crazy busy year, my girlfriend and I decided to follow the …

Posted by Edward Winter

September 26

Amy + Geoff

Off they go! Such a pleasure to have extra time for playful moments and portraits in such an…

Posted by Edward Winter

July 8

Marina + Ian

Marina + Ian’s glorious summer wedding at The DeSeversky Mansion. Custom wedding dre…

Posted by Edward Winter

May 23

Nicole + Dave

When the Photo Editor of BRIDES magazine asks you to photograph her wedding, you gotta be on…

Posted by Edward Winter

October 22

The Knot Gala!

We were thrilled to be the official photographers for The Knot Gala this year at the New Yor…

Posted by Edward Winter

February 9

Alison + Jason,…

A chic, vintage 501 Union Wedding. Sometimes inspiration can come from a variety of influenc…

Posted by Edward Winter

September 17

Outstanding in …

I seriously love a good dinner. Who doesn’t? You can imagine my excitement when I was …

Posted by Edward Winter

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