Edward Winter


Drawn to compelling stories, Eddie has cultivated an unobtrusive, dynamic approach to portraiture and narrative. His love of wedding documentary has shown him all manner of life and beauty across the United States and abroad, while drawing on his varied experiences as gallery curator, ranch-hand, and teacher. Eddie's keen awareness of environment, personality, and exquisite light continually inspire his work. He believes that a quick sense of humor is a smart virtue for an overall positive life and a hilarious good time!  

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  • “ We're still glowing from the wedding. I know you're probably editing the pictures but in the meantime just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed spending the biggest day of our lives with you. I've spent countless days with photographers in both advertising and journalism over the past ten years and from that experience I know how well it went with you, and how quickly you created a comfortable, friendly, and welcoming vibe. Watching you work effortlessly within a big crowd, make friends, and put people at ease while getting your shots was such a joy to watch..and beyond that you just blended into the crowd--another task that great photographers make look easy ” –Eleni and Luke

  • “ Eddie traveled with our wedding entourage of 25 by plane, train, rickshaw, and houseboat around south India for one week before our ceremony in 2009. We sipped tea together in the rain under tin awnings in the Nilgiri mountains, looked for tigers in the jungle, and ate prawns on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala: Eddie captured these and so many magical moments during that special time of our lives. He is engaged and engaging, adventurous, generous, and completely given to his craft. His work adorns the walls of our home and grows in resonance with each passing day. ” –Violet and Ravi

  • “ Thank you for everything: For being so calm when we were so stressed, for incredibly stunning photos, and for being such a star on the wedding day by going above and beyond. We are blown away by the photos. It was a pleasure working with you and we can't wait to order our prints and album! Thank you again. ” –Jenn and Jeff

  • “ Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day! We loved working with you and appreciated your creativity and ability to make photos happen but also capture the moments as they happened. You made our wedding photos a wonderful experience and hope we can work together in some capacity soon. ” –Taryn and Kyle

  • “ He captured our day so perfectly: every time I look at our photos now, I get transported back to that day. His unobtrusive photojournalistic style captured the emotion of each moment. Eddie is a modest but very talented artist, a true professional, and wonderful person. Eddie was truly amazing! We were so happy with our decision to have him for our wedding in Napa Valley. ” –Agatha and Alex

  • “ AMAZING WORK! Eddie is brilliant, professional and extremely accomodating. We couldn't be more thrilled with the photos and we've received a number of comments from friends about how impressed they were both with the photos and with Eddie's friendly and warm demeanor throughout the event. Getting Eddie involved was one of the best decisions we made in wedding planning. ” –Elena and Raj

  • “ As the one-week anniversary of our very hot but very joyous wedding day is here, we wanted to touch base and thank you again for all of the hard work you put in on the day. You put us at ease and it was a great relief to know that we could trust you to take care of capturing everything wonderfully. Our friends and family commented on how friendly you were and how you didn't interfere with the flow of events, as some photographers tend to do. We just wanted to express our appreciation for how much of a joy it was to work with you and to thank you again for going above and beyond last Friday. ” –Dianna + Sean

  • “ Hi Eddie! The photos are awesome!!! ” –Anastasia + Garth

  • “ Nailed it. Brilliant. I love them. The couple looks amazing. The details are so great. I love how you got so many portraits. You captured the tone perfectly. Man, so good. Wonderful job Eddie. And the client emailed me so happy with the images. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. You are incredibly talented. xoxox ” –Viva

  • “ Thank you Eddie! We are beyond happy with the photos, your use of light is incredible! I've been looking over the photos for a few days and they look fantastic! Thanks so much, we really appreciate the care you took and your entire approach to the big day. It really shows. ” –Anna + Ethan

  • “ Hey Eddie! Thank you so much, you guys did an incredible job. We love them! There are so many great shots of our friends and family at the reception. That was a wonderful surprise. ” –Allie + Ben

  • “ Hi Eddie, These are AMAZING. It was so wonderful to see your email in my inbox, and even more wonderful to start going through these pictures - they ABSOLUTELY capture the emotions and the events of the day, so I feel like I'm reliving the wedding all over again. Your work is so stunning - thank you, thank you for capturing the day for us. ” –Eve + Paul

  • “ First off I want to say thank you for the fantastic wedding photos. They are amazing and we are obsessed with them. ” –Meghan + James

  • “ Woo hoo!!! Thanks Eddie! The photos are awesome--thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding weekend and the countless hours you've spent editing. You're so talented and we're really lucky to have had you as part of our wedding day. ” –Amy + Geoff

  • “ I can’t tell you how excited we are to see these!! They’re gorgeous and in-the-moment, which is exactly what I was looking for. We look ecstatic in just about every image. ” –Nic + Dave

  • “ OMG!!!!!!! Eddie Im SO excited!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! ” –Mandy + Westley

  • “ Eddie, these are amazing! I'm absolutely thrilled — thank you! ” –Katherine + Andrew

  • “ OMG!!!!!! The pictures are AMAZING!!!! We have only gotten halfway through (up through the ceremony pictures), but we are so unbelievably thrilled by what we have seen so far. Dan and I stayed up waaaaay too late looking at and talking about each and every one until Dan couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. It was so wonderful to relive such an incredible day through what you captured and I CANNOT WAIT to finish looking at them as soon as he gets home this evening. Thank you so so very much! We are so excited! ” –Jess + Dan

  • “ Eddie! Dude these are so sick! Sean and I just flipped through them, and WOW! jeez these are killer. Thank you so much!! ” –Liz + Sean

  • “ Thank you so, so much for the amazing photos. We feel extremely grateful to have had you come as our photographer. It was just a wonderful experience and the results are even better. ” –Leah + Kevin

  • “ Thank you SO much. I was literally glued to my laptop looking at all the photos, sending the gallery to friends and family and then going through them all again. Everyone has said they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen and we are so impressed and happy. They are perfect and capture every moment of the day. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing such a wonderful job - I know that there was advance planning that went into all this from your end, and the effort really shows. We are so happy and grateful to have worked with you. Raph’s father wrote this to us and we thought you might laugh: "Thank you so much, although I made a few photos, I was eagerly waiting for the work of a real pro who moreover was a very nice guy!” So, thank you, thank you, thank you for being a real pro and a very nice guy!! ” –Therese + Raphael

  • “ Thank you so much, we absolutely love our photos!! When I look at them, I feel like I am reliving the whole day! ” –Emily + Michael